Sunday, June 20, 2010

I need $50,000. What a weird thing to say, right? Who doesn't want $50,000? To better understand why I'm saying this, I guess it would make sense to tell you something about me and where my head is at this point in time.

I'm a pretty average guy in my mid-30s who has a couple of above average skills, but who, for some reason, never can break through the rut that has become my life despite putting myself into a workaholic mode for the last fifteen years. The truth is, I'm burned out. I have a reputation among my friends and family as a hard worker with a constant flow of creative ideas, but I can feel myself just grinding to a halt because I'm tired of failure.

Please notice that I didn't say I was a afraid of failure and don't get the impression that I give up easily. I have had a lot of big ideas and I've worked many years to achieve some of them, but I tend to fall short because I'm missing money, time or marketing skills (or all three, for that matter). I think at this point, though, I'm less inclined to believe that I'm going to have a revolutionary accomplishment and now I just want to get out of debt so my regular job is enough. I don't care about being rich. I just need the pressure to stop.

I thought I was going to ask for ideas regarding how to make that $50,000, but, honestly, I just don't care anymore. The wall has a lot of dents and my head hurts, so I have an idea (yet another one).

My debt, including car payments, credit cards and line of credit totals to about $50,000. So, I'm going to simply ask for donations to help me change this situation and as the funds come in I will post scanned receipts of those debts being paid off. I have to do this as anonymously as possible to protect my family's privacy, however, I will be as upfront and honest as I can think to be so that anybody who feels like changing my life can see that I'm not a liar.

This idea may be yet another failure or it might be a surprising success, but it's just one more thing I'm going to try and I'll let everybody know what happens. If you don't trust me, I understand, and I don't blame you, but I guess anything interesting is going to have some risk, right? If you decide to participate in this adventure, I appreciate it, and I can promise the money won't be wasted and will be used only toward bills.